Extreme Flake™ Incredible Ultra-Metallic Screen-Print Flake

Sharpline can provide your products with the ultra-metallic look of ‘bass boat’ metal flake for use in a wide range of graphic applications.

Sharpline Extreme-Flake™ creates a dazzling metallic appearance in direct sunlight with sparkling metal flake that appears to shift and sparkle with movement. Using Extreme-Flake™ is a great way to make a statement with your graphic design by using a little, or a lot. 

Sharpline Extreme-Flake™ comes in a variety of colors, and each flake color will create a different look when combined with base colors such as white, silver or black.

View the samples below to see how Sharpline Extreme-Flake™ can add more sparkle to the appearance of your graphics.

Color Options: