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3D Chrome Effects and the WOW Factor

Makers of great products often struggle with the ability to add the elusive "WOW Factor" to their brands to make them more exciting and desirable.

The WOW Factor is critical to your competitive advantage, but how can you guarantee its presence in your products? The answer is simple…Just add SL24™.

Sharpline SL24™ dimensional imaging is the essential ingredient needed to take the appearance of a product from OK to Extraordinary. SL24™ high-tech graphic technology converts corporate logos, insignias, emblems and other markings into dynamic, three-dimensional chrome images that boost your brand recognition.

  • Engineered for a compatible fit to a wide variety of application surfaces.

  • Infinitely Shapeable™ dimensional software gives you more choice in design.

  • Substantial tool cost savings compared to stamped or injection molded dimensional tooling.

  • SL24 Plus™ imaging available in single –piece sizes over 8 feet in length.

  • SL24 Fusion™ can be permanently applied to seat fabrics and textiles.
  • SL24 Nova™ adds exciting LED lighting effects to 3D badging. 
  • Outstanding product quality with 20+ years of exterior durability.

  • Available in chrome, colors, and textured finishes. See SL24™ Examples

  • Easy to install

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