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Sharpline Safety Step™ is a medium-resilient, slip-resistant film that adheres to clean, dry surfaces without wrinkling, curling, tearing, shrinking or lifting and offers proven durability for long life. Safety Step™ utilizes a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing for easy application.

Safety Step™ is available in widths up to 48 inches and it provides both safety, decorative, and branding benefits when cut into custom shapes to fit a variety of applications. Sharpline Safety Step™ can also be debossed, allowing detailed images and logos to be permanently placed into the surface of the film.

Sharpline Safety Step™ Specs:

Applied Thickness:

.045 in. (1.14mm)

Applied Weight:

2.7 oz./sq ft.


(827 g/sq meter)

Minimum Application Temp:

40°F (4°C)

Maximum Service Temp:

175°F (79°C)

Coefficient of Friction:



Meets or Exceeds

NFSI High Traction


Fire Retardancy:


NFPA 101

Type II

GSA classification

Class B

FAA 25.853-F-1


Chemical Resistance:

Resists most chemicals

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